Driving O2O Business Opportunities Through the Power of WeChat Mini Program

Driving O2O Business Opportunities Through the Power of WeChat Mini Program

International retailers have prioritized to boost their omnichannel capabilities for providing a seamless customer experience by integrating offline and online strategies. WeChat is one of the most efficient online channels to reach Chinese consumers with its unique characteristics of social commerce and innovative features, empowered international retailers to increase brand exposure and deliver a superior customer experience.

L’OCCITANE recently leveraged iClick’s cross-border smart retail solution, iSmartGo, to launch its first O2O-focused WeChat mini-program in October. The mini-program – “L’OCCITANE Travel Buddy” – serves as an essential online branding platform to attract and connect targeted travelers with brick and mortar duty-free stores, creating seamless O2O shopping experiences and unleashing the sales potential for cosmetics within China’s growing domestic travel retail market. This initiative in China’s domestic market also paves the way for L’OCCITANE to expand its duty-free store revenues across the APAC market, especially once international travel restrictions are lifted.

Based on iSmartGo’s standardized modules, including mini-program development and data analytics, iClick has crafted a unique, creative approach for L’OCCITANE, accessing travel retail channels to boost cosmetics sales through a customizable WeChat mini-program featuring three powerful functionalities:

•            “Engaging Game” that guides consumers to start a secret journey of finding the dedicated fragrance and deliver a rewarded coupon through the engaging mini game.

•            “Interactive questionnaires” that generate personalized product recommendations utilizing iClick’s cutting-edge data analytics to enhance the depth of consumer profiles and provide more profound understanding of consumer needs.

•            “Store maps” that automatically provide store information based on user location, facilitating in-store purchasing by guiding consumers to the most convenient store locations. The “L’OCCITANE Travel Buddy” mini-program is also expected to gradually cover duty-free stores throughout the APAC region that carry the brand.