One-Stop Cross-Border Smart Retail Solution

POLED established Cross-border e-commerce channel with WeChat mini-program


Founded in 2019, POLED spotted the growing consumption on Korean products along with K-pop, soap operas and fashion in China market. As a Korean brand focuses on high-quality child car seat and baby products, POLED has its own advantages in product development and reaching their target group. In June 2021, POLED announced the launch of its WeChat mini-program and officially entered the Chinese market. Referencing on remarkably successful China entry stories of other Korean brands, POLED has partnered with iClick Interactive, a leading enterprise and marketing cloud platform with its one-stop cross-border e-commerce solution and innovative data-driven marketing platforms to connect worldwide brands with Chinese audiences.


iClick has provided professional advices and cross-border smart retail solutions which empowers the brand to enter the China market smoothly. Leveraging the powerful SaaS-based platform, iSmartGo, POLED has successfully built up the WeChat mini-program quickly and cost-effectively with several key highlights:
  • Established a user-friendly ecommerce store on mini-program with diverse plugins to enrich user shopping experiences empowered by a highly flexible SaaS platform
  • Offered flash sales, coupons and group buying promotions to encourage sharing among consumers
  • Reached customers through the “POLED assistant” directly via the mini-program, enjoyed the real-time conversation and brand interaction within the WeChat ecosystem
  • Launched membership system to rewards loyal consumers for repeat purchases. Users are able to gain points after purchase and then redeem for coupon
  • Drive quality traffic through WeChat advertising with precise audience targeting to reach Chinese affluent parent segment
  • Integrated with sophisticated data analytics platform Tencent Youshu to facilitate the digital operation of mini-program by monitoring traffic data, analysing sales performances, deriving user insights and hence guiding operation decisions